Application for Enrolment

Dear Applicant, before you can go ahead with applying on the Kukhula registration portal we require that you first create a new Gmail email account, using your id number.kukhula as the username. This will be the email that will be used for all application and or training communication from Kukhula going forward.

Please follow the steps below:
  1. Visit to start creating your new Gmail email account.
  2. Enter your Full name in the ‘First name’ field box eg. Precious Linda
  3. Enter your surname in the ‘Last name’ field box eg. Nkosi
  4. Enter your id number.kukhula in the ‘Username’ field box eg. 9403050219082.kukhula
  5. Enter your ID number in the ‘Password’ field box eg. 9403050219082
Please see below reference image of how this will look:
Gmail Example

Kindly note that if you compete your application using any other email other than a new Gmail email address that has been created using the above steps, or that has an id number that is not the same as your id document, your application will automatically be rejected.

You're about to start the process to apply for enrolment on a Kukhula learnership.

Before you begin, please have the following documents ready -

​If you are applying for a disabled learnership:

​​If you are applying for an unemployed learnership: ​​​​If you are applying for an employed learnership: You will need to upload a scan or photo of these documents with your application.

Kindly note that your application will be automatically rejected if you do not provide all the required documents or provide unclear copies of these documents.